Audiobooks since 1983

Swann Studio has more than 35 years of experience with audiobook production and has grown to be an international market leader having produced more that 2000 new titles in 2018 and having already expanded to 9 new countries in 2019 alone.

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Audiobooks, podcast, audioarticles, and more

At Swann Studio we aim to simplify the audio production workflow for our clients as much as possible.

Our agile software and constant focus on organisational efficiency makes us an ideal choice for publishers who work on a large scale.

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Digital distribution, print-on-demand, streaming, publishing and more

Digital distribution is handled through our web app and we can easily set up our API to deliver a publication to any additional destinations.

Physical publications can be ordered easily through our web app. We have 35 years of experience with making print-on-demand CDs, cooperate with fixed volume producers and offer graphical solutions, as well as general audio consultancy services.

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Narrator catalogue

Swann Studio has recording facilities in more than 12 countries. Locations include Copenhagen, Odense, Stockholm, Göteborg, Oslo, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Reykjavik, Paris, Hamburg and Berlin.

We have narrators for all kinds of texts and genres, and editors and producers who can accommodate specific production requirements and are willing to discuss any idea you might have.

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We produce and/or distribute audio for a wide range of clients and partners.